10 June 2010

I Am Success Today Because of Your Love

Dear Mom and Dad,

I knew not to be afraid, because your hand was always there for me to grasp. I knew if I ran too fast, you’d follow to help me up if I stumbled and fell. Your love has always been constant, even now as I stand on my own. Are you proud? I am — of all you taught me. I am where I am today because of your love, encouragement, and a little nudging towards the right direction.

You never uttered those words, “I told you so,” but let me learn lessons on my own. I can handle challenges; I can face crisis; I can be confident in who I am. Thank you, Mom and Dad.

How did you know what to do? How did you know the words to say? I know your love for me guided you, but I can’t imagine it was ever easy to let go and allow me make my own mistakes — but those were the best learned lessons. Your wisdom in certain situations did not separate us but brought us closer together. I hope I can use all that you’ve taught me with my own family now.

Thank you for your love, confidence, and guidance.

Your Loving Daughter


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