08 February 2010

ll Coolababy Cloth Diaper

Erm..skang nie aku nk try guna CD plk utk Kasyful..bila tgk ramai kawan2 dh cuba,teringin jgk nk try..if ok,dpt jgk jimat duit di samping dpt menjayaakan kempen 'selamatkan alam sekitar'..Kepada sesapa yg berminat,try la surf kat sini.KISSMAMA.COM.

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  • Unique design of 3 snaps in a row, adjustable size, fits baby 3kg to 13kg
  • Comes with 2 inserts (super-absorbent 2-layer and 3-layer microfiber terry)
  • Outer polyester with PUL laminate to prevent leakage
  • Inner made of soft microfleece
Washing Instructions:
  • wash diaper prior from use to remove residues left behind from fabric manufacturer
  • if diaper has been soiled, rinse content into a bucket, and tip bucket content down the toilet and flush
  • do not use bleach or fabric softeners
  • tumble dry and/or hang to dry in warm weather


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